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  • What are the groove types of spring energized seals?
    • May 27. 2024

    Open groove The open groove structure is the most recommended groove form. The open groove structure is a separate two-piece design. The lip seal does not need to be stretched or twisted for assembly.(Fig:4-1) Typical features: The lip seal does not need to be stretched or twisted for assembly. Lip seal can be disassembled and assembled repeatedly without causing damage to it. Two-piece structure ...

  • How does EST valve stem packing ensure effective sealing?
    • May 23. 2024

    The valve stem packing assembly refers to the sealing components used to prevent leaks from the stem of a valve. Valve stem packing plays a vital role in ensuring a long valve life. JST EST valve stem packing has good sealing performance under working pressure and a certain temperature range, and can automatically improve the sealing performance with the increase of pressure, which is suitable for...

  • Tubing and casing FS seals for surface wellheads
    • May 23. 2024

    JST’s FS Casing and Tubing Hanger Seal use high performance elastomer seal technology for arduous duties where there are large clearances between mating parts of wellhead and associated assemblies. The FS Seal design supports reduction in installation time, correct placement in the housing and simple installation. FS seals have been validated in accordance with API requirements for using on surfac...

  • Spring Energized Seals: Essential Applications in the Oil & Gas Industry
    • May 17. 2024

    Spring energized seals are a crucial component in the oil and gas industry due to their ability to withstand extreme environments and provide reliable sealing solutions. These seals are designed to extend the operating limits of polymer-based seals and meet the stringent requirements of critical applications in the oil and gas sector. Here's a detailed overview of the application of spring energiz...

  • V-stacks for both uni- and bidirectional HPHT and LPLT applications
    • May 09. 2024

    When using elastomers and thermos plastics in critical service applications, there are a number of options in terms of seal configuration and material choice that effectively seal and provide maximum product reliability. These combinations vary based on the sealing conditions faced. JST design engineers pick the best matched material characteristics for optimum seal performance. JST teams focuses ...

  • Hammer union seal application
    • April 29. 2024

    A hammer union seal used in hammer unions, some customer also called it weco seals which are widely used in the oil and gas industry for connecting pipes or valves together temporarily. These unions are designed to provide a quick and reliable connection that can withstand high pressure and harsh conditions commonly found in drilling operations. The seal in a hammer union typically consists of a c...

  • What's PDR rotary shaft seal?
    • April 18. 2024

    PDR rotary shaft seal extends the boundaries of elastomeric radial shaft seals, utilizing advanced materials and design techniques to provide optimal sealing performance for each application. The result is a superior sealing solution that retains a compact sealed casing. Due to the inherent limitations of various elastomer grades, the application range of standard elastomer rotary shaft seals is l...

  • Seal Leakage & Life Expectancy: Parameters and Calculations You Need to Know
    • April 08. 2024

    Every machine or system that relies on seals understands the seriousness of a leak or premature seal failure. The subject involves significant financial, operational, and sometimes environmental issues that require in-depth understanding. The Basics of Seal Leakage What is Seal Leakage?: Beyond the basic definition, seal leakage can be understood as any unintended escape of fluid or gas due to the...

  • How does MEC seal work?
    • March 29. 2024

    MEC seal is short for Metal End Cap Seal, and it is the seal bonded the metal end cups on elastomer, which can provide a high level of extrusion resistance and metal to metal sealing. MEC seal is designed for EOG applications in harsh conditions, particularly for high pressures and high temperatures. Usually the elastomer can be HNBR, FKM, Aflas which depends on the application, and the material o...

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