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  • Why do we choose helical spring for cryogenic ball valve seals?
    • September 15. 2021

    Cryogenic Sealing Solutions provides a powerful sealing mechanism for cryogenic materials such as cryogenic fluids. Sealing at cryogenic temperatures has its own unique set of challenges. JST Seals recently designed and shipped a very urgent LNG cryogenic valve seals for the overseas customer. Its completed working conditions are as follows: Fluid media LNG at temperature: minus 175°C Maximum temp...

  • Wellhead Seals in Oil and Gas
    • August 27. 2021

    Wellhead is a critical part of the oil and gas infrastructure. Seals material and design must withstand pressures as high as 15K psi and temperatures LU (-46℃~121℃), PU (-21℃~121℃), or SX (-18℃~178℃). From material development, seals design, testing, through to production, JST make FS seal and S seal to perform in the toughest situations, delivering reliable high pressure sealing. They combine the...

  • What are Hammer Union Seals?
    • August 18. 2021

    Hammer Union Seals are used in hammer union-style pipe connections to establish flow lines and prevent leakage. Hammer Unions are made by Weco, FMC, and Kemper Valve among others, and are used in the oil & gas industry, in steel mills, chemical plants, strip mining, and marine dredging. The hammer union seal is exposed to the gases and fluids that flow through the coupling making the choi...

  • Is there new design for wellhead secondary pack off seal?
    • August 11. 2021

    JST successfully got the authorization of invention patent on a wellhead secondary pack off seal structure in USA by United States Patent and Trademark Office in July, 2021. During the drilling operation and oil and gas testing, the casing head slip hanger is the basic part of wellhead equipment, which is installed at the upper end of casing string to hang casing strings of each layer and seal the...

  • Cryogenic Sealing Solution
    • August 06. 2021

    Low temperature cryogenic seals are widely used in LNG Compressors, Cryogenic Valve, LNG Fueling Systems. Sealing cryogenics is a balancing act of many factors such as spring force, surface finish, friction and allowable leakage. The ball valve is simple in structure, small in installation space, and sealed by medium force, not affected by external driving force, so it is widely used in various wo...

  • Hydraulic Piston Seals
    • July 29. 2021

    Piston seals for hydraulic cylinders are quite similar to rod seals, but they are attached to a piston that seals a bore or cylinder housing. These seals are specifically designed to prevent pressurized fluid from leaking down in between the piston and the bore, while the piston itself is pushed down the cylinder bore. The high-quality hydraulic piston seals from JST will keep the pistons in your ...

  • What do you know about wear rings?
    • July 28. 2021

    Wear Ring seal also called Guide Rings, Wear Bands, are typically used in cylinders and machinery with requirements for dynamic performance and service life. Wear ring materials are well known for their low friction, heat resistance, wide temperature range performance, high chemical resistance and excellent wear characteristics. Popular wear ring materials include glass filled Nylon, bronze filled...

  • What is Fracturing?
    • July 20. 2021

    Many formations are too tight to produce oil and natural gas, and require a stimulation process to extract the resources. In hydraulic fracturing, fluids carrying proppant are pumped into the ground with enough pressure to crack the rock. The proppant is left behind to hold open the cracks, while the fluid is flowed back allowing oil and gas the ability to flow to surface. Fracturing pump sea...

  • What Type of PTFE Seals Are You Looking for?
    • July 19. 2021

    PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) material is widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic seals. PTFE gets high melting point in excess of 300℃, has good resistance to ageing, as well as low coefficient of friction. PTFE seals are used to enhance friction capabilities, withstand high pressure applications, and extend seal life in applications outside the parameters of elastomeric seal use. We offer a rang...

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