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  • What is PDPC and LWPC?
    • January 25. 2022

    JST Seals has proprietary wiper fin profiles which provide optimal wiping of drill pipe as well as accurate displacement. They are available in a variety of size and combination options which provide a more reliable cleaning and displacement of your workstring. The pumpdown plug (PDPC) & liner wiper plug (LWPC) separate cement from the displacement fluid during liner cementing operations. The ...

  • Looking for PR2 tested 6A gate valve seals?
    • January 21. 2022
    Looking for PR2 tested 6A gate valve seals?

    Guangzhou JST Seals has been supplying stem packing seal and seat seal for 6A gate valve for over 20 years. To give an unequivocal assurance of quality, performance and durability, our seal has been tested and witnessed by the third party DNV. The seal materials are PEEK+PTFE+Elgiloy Spring. Our seals are installed on Douson 3-1/16“ 15M Gate valve and 2-1/16'' 10M Gate valve and 1-13/16'' 15M Gate...

  • What material do we choose for Metal End Cap Seal?
    • January 17. 2022

    Metal End Cap Seals are one of the metal bonded elastomeric seals with the high level of extrusion resistance necessary for high pressure casing and tubing applications. JST has designed a PEEK End Cap Seals instead of Metal End Cap Seals to meet with customers special requirement. Why do we choose a non-metallic non-extrusion device as non-extrusion device for this seal? It’s because the lock dow...

  • What do you know about wear strip?
    • January 06. 2022

    What is Wear Strip? Wear strip, is also called guide strip, or wear band, is designed to eliminate scoring in hydraulic and pneumatic applications by preventing metal to metal contact. It is used in reciprocating, rotary, and oscillating motion environment. Wear Strip is widely used in hydraulics, machine tools and mechanical engineering to prevent metal-to-metal contact. JST hot sale wear st...

  • What is O Ring?
    • December 31. 2021

    O ring is an annular rubber seal with a circular cross section, mainly used in mechanical parts in static conditions to prevent the leakage of liquid and gas. In some cases, O ring can also be used as the dynamic sealing element in axial reciprocating motion or low-speed rotational motion. O ring provides as an effective and economical sealing element in different types of static or dynamic seal a...

  • What are the factors that cause seal leakage and How to solve them?
    • December 23. 2021

    Seal leakage of equipment in the oil, natural gas, and chemical industries would cause great loss of production, and it would cause severe environmental pollution, which has gradually increased users' requirements for safety sealing solutions. There are many factors that can cause seal leakage, the more common ones are as follows: 1.    Installation problems: a.  &nbs...

  • What are Spring Energized Seals?
    • December 15. 2021

    JST Seals produces a full range of spring energized seals that are used in a wide range of applications. The Spring Energized Seals are normally comprised of a machined polymer jacket and a spring energizer. The polymer jacket can be made of different materials, from Virgin PTFE or PTFE with fillers, to PEEK and UHMWPE seals profiles. Spring configurations such as helical spring energized seals, s...

  • What kind of seal will be used for wellhead equipment?
    • December 14. 2021

    For wellhead casing head, tubing hanger, JST provides elastomer seals including FS seal, S seal, P seal, O ring, MEC metal end-cap seal and lock screw packing. These seals are essential elements in the integrity and functionality of wellhead equipment. We developed HNBR, FKM, AFLAS and other material accordingly which have high pressure resistance, good sealing characteristics. 1. Materials tested...

  • Why S seal is a preferred design in the oil and gas equipment?
    • December 09. 2021

    Recently, JST 13 inch External S seal has successfully passed the PR2 test at P-U (-20 deg F - 250 degrees F), 10000PSI nitrogen high pressure as per API 6A 21st Edition Annex F Section F.2.14: Design Verification for PR2F Group 5 Mandrel-type hangers, Table F.17 Sections: Pressure from below seals and pressure from above annulus seals. Test as specified in F.1.11 Test Procedure we follow as below...

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