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JST Seals is a leading manufacturer of high-performance seals for countless industries including construction, oil and gas, LNG, wind power, chemistry, coal mining. For over 25 years, we are committed to our philosophy of "reliable sealing solution" and "excellent experience" with superior quality, reasonable price and fast delivery. 

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    API Q1 Certified Seal Supplier in China

Construction Industry

The Construction industry requires long lasting sealing solutions. The seals in use must handle thousands of hours of continual use and be extremely reliable in all environments and terrains. 

  • Long lasting Long lasting
  • Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy consumption
  • High efficiency and energy save High efficiency and energy save
Oil & Gas Industry

JST develops, manufactures and supplies high performance sealing solutions for demanding Oil & Gas applications of drilling and exploration, completion and production, and intervention activities.

  • Chemical compatibility Chemical compatibility
  • Ability to cope with harsh conditions Ability to cope with harsh conditions
  • Extended longevity of service Extended longevity of service
  • Resistance to aggressive fluids & steam injection at high temperatures Resistance to aggressive fluids & steam injection at high temperatures

Sealing at cryogenic temperatures has its own unique set of challenges. JST has a wide range of solutions for cryogenic sealing applications. Cryogenic seals require skillful design by combining the right type of material, seal configuration, and spring energizer to overcome the dimensional fluctuation of all mating parts.

  • Rocket propulsion Filling Systems Rocket propulsion Filling Systems
  • LNG Compressors LNG Compressors
  • Cryogenic Valves Stem Seals Cryogenic Valves Stem Seals
  • Cryogenic Butterfly Seat Seals Cryogenic Butterfly Seat Seals
  • Cryogenic Transfer Pumps Cryogenic Transfer Pumps
  • LNG Fueling Systems LNG Fueling Systems
  • Hydraulic Seal
    Hydraulic Seal


  • Oil & Gas Seal
    Oil & Gas Seal


  • API 6D Ball Valve & LNG Seal
    API 6D Ball Valve & LNG Seal


  • FFKM O Rings and Seals
    FFKM O Rings and Seals


  • Blue phenolic wear ring guide ring
    Turquoise polyester resin wear ring
  • Phenolic wear ring catalogue
    WR phenolic resin wear ring
  • hydraulic PTFE wear strip
    PTFE guide and wear strip
  • PTFE wear ring catalogue
    Hydraulic cylinder PTFE wear ring
  • Hydraulic rod PTFE seals
    Hydraulic rod PTFE SPNS step seal
  • Hydraulic piston seal SPGW
    Hydraulic piston PTFE SPGW seal
  • ptfe SPGO Piston Seal
    Hydraulic piston PTFE SPGO seal
  • Bronze filled PTFE KZT seals
    Hydraulic cylinder PTFE seal KZT
  • Chevron Vee Packing Seals
    Rubber V Packing hydraulic seals
  • Water pump plunger seal
    High pressure water pump seal
  • Weco seal
    Weco Hammer Union Seals For Oil And Gas Industry
  • Well service packing
    Fabric reinforced well service packing
  • peek chevron seal stacks
    PEEK V stacks for downhole tool
  • s seal groove dimensions
    HNBR S seal for downhole application
  • gate valve stem seals
    Gate valve stem packing seal
  • Valve Stem Seal specification
    PTFE Spring energized valve stem packing
  • Valve inserted seal
    Valve insert seal for frac pump
  • hammer union seals ring
    Standard size hammer union seal
  • fs seal catalogue
    Casing head and tubing hanger FS seal
  • P seal manufacturer
    P seal for casing and tubing
  • LNG spring seal manufacturer
    LNG nozzle spring energized seals manufacturer
  • PTFE spring energized lip seals
    Helical spring energized seals for oil and gas application
  • LNG cryogenic valve seals
    PTFE spring energized seals for cryogenic applications
  • LNG cryogenic valve seals
    Elgiloy spring ball valve seals for cryogenic applications
  • Spring energized PTFE seals
    High pressure ball valve seat seal
  • Ball valve high pressure lip seals
    API 6D ball valve piston seal
  • Cryogenic valve seals
    Cryogenic ball valve stem seal
  • API 6D ball valve seal
    Ball valve high pressure lip seal
  • lip seal design for ball valves
    Spring energized ball valve seal
  • API 6D ball valve seal material
    Helical Spring ball valve stem seal

    Manufacturing a quality product is the responsibility of each and every individual at JST. Our strict quality systems ensure that our products will continually exceed our clients' expectations.


    JST has been taking sealing challenges, designing and manufacturing seals for various industries, whether it's standard or customized, we're able to offer you the best sealing solutions.


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