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Hydraulic rod PTFE SPNS step seal

Hydraulic rod PTFE SPNS step seal

Rod seals are static seals installed in glands or housings to prevent the leakage of fluid from within a cylinder to the outside as the rod cycles.

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Hydraulic rod seal PTFE SPNS step seal

SPNS type hydraulic seals, are also call rod buffer step seals, static seals installed in glands or housings to prevent the leakage of fluid from within a cylinder to the outside as the rod cycles.

SPNS seals can be applied to various applications, especially those occasions where polyurethane seals are not suitable for applications, such as oil in water or emulsion media. PTFE materials have extremely low friction, corrosion resistance and heat resistance compared with other known sealing materials, However, compared with polyurethane and other rubber sealing materials, PTFE is hard and has poor elasticity. In order to make full use of the advantages of PTFE, PTFE must be matched with an expansion ring to supplement elasticity as a seal. At the same time, the PTFE slip ring must be reasonably designed, and the expansion ring must provide sufficient initial sealing force and ensure its static sealing function in the groove.

In order to obtain a good working life, different fillers are added into PTFE. These fillers can greatly improve the deformation resistance of PTFE, increase the wear resistance and reduce the risk of extrusion. Bronze is added to our common PTFE materials.

O-ring is usually used as expansion ring because of its low cost, full size, easy availability and a variety of materials to choose from. It is very important to select the best expansion ring, because the sealing function of the slip ring depends on the expansion ring, which will greatly affect the working life of the seal. We recommend using SPNS seals if low friction is required.


1.Chemical resistance
2. Heat  resistance
3. Low friction
4. Has good oil return property
5. Easy installation
6. Longevity

7. High pressure resistance

Working  Conditions
Working Pressure
Working  Temperature
Working  Speed
Working  Medium
-30℃ to +110℃
-25℃ to +220℃

Depending on material selected

Hydraulic oil; Gas; Water; etc 
PTFE Band: Bronze filled PTFE 
O Ring: 
NBR, A70±5 

FKM, A75±5 

Application Suggestion:
Rod step seal is used for reciprocating motion of the piston rod,especially suitable for heavy equipments,such as construction machinery,pressure equipment, etc. It can achieve the best sealing effect when used with double lip sealing dust ring.

Hydraulic rod seal size chart:

Diameter: φ8.9-φ500mm

PN. Size Material
STR 40X55.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 45X60.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 48X63.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 50X65.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 55X70.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 56X71.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 60X75.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 63X78.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 65X80.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 70X85.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 75X90.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 80X95.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 85X100.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 90X105.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 95X110.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 100X115.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 105X120.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 110X125.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 115X130.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 120X135.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 125X140.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 130X145.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 140X155.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 145X160.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 150X165.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 155X170.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 160X175.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 180X195.1X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 40X55.5X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 45X60.5X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 48X63.5X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 50X65.5X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 55X70.5X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 56X71.5X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 60X75.5X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 63X78.5X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 65X80.5X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 70X85.5X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 75X90.5X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 80X95.5X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 90X105.5X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 95X110.5X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 100X115.5X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 105X120.5X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 110X125.5X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 120X135.5X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 155X170.5X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
STR 160X175.5X6.3 PTFE+Bronze, NBR
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